We accept currently new orders for the next load. Our Russian Leather is available in shades: red, brown or black.

We keep our quantities small as we use for this article only cruelty free skins (cow calves): all animals died from natural causes. This goes also for seal oil as it is extracted from animals drowned in the fishing nets.

“Yufte” Tanned with willow bark, dyed with plant substances. “Diamond” pattern surface available on request.

Aromatized: treated with birch tar and seal oil. The odour may be too strong for sensitive noses. Although the smell weakens over time. This is the real smell of real materials that others try to copy … Nevertheless the intensity can be lowered by the request.

Thickness 1-2 mm.


Price is 400EUR/m2+VAT 20% (37.17EUR/sqft + VAT 20%)
1 skin (minimum we sell) is approximately 0,5m2 (5 sqft)


Orders contact:

info☉tripleskin.com (please replace the ☉ sign with @)

TripleSkin OÜ (LLC), Estonia