“Yufte” Tanned with willow bark, dyed with plant substances. “Diamond” pattern surface available on request. Aromatized: treated with birch tar and seal oil. Hand made. Thickness 1-2 mm.

Yufte is crafted on the basis of old Russian recipe (decoded at the Tripleskin workshop). Famous Russian export article at the 18th century which trade was monopolized by the State and production methods kept in secret. Known also as:
`Russian Leather`,
`Cuir de Russie`,
`Юфть` [yufte],

Despite the Yufte was originally produced in two main shades (red and black) we have been working hard to expand the palet of colors available. Much wider spectrum of colours can be obtained as even a small change in a dye recipe already makes a new tone. Using vegetable tanned leather and dye extracts from plants, it is possible achieve the most beautifully coloured products. It is also well known that earthly tones can easily be combined together – they match perfectly.