Yufte known as Russia Leather – made from cow, bull or horse hide, treated with birch oil and seal fat, and given a reticulate (diamond) texture with board – is the likely candidate for the ‘Russia calf’ or ‘Cuir de Russie’ of 18th- and 19th century. Read more about Yufte


In 1786, the Metta Catherina, a 100 ton Baltic brigantine, set sail from St. Petersburg with a full cargo of hemp and russia leather bound for Genoa. The Metta Catherina and her cargo were lost, sinking more than 100 feet to the bottom of Plymouth Sound to rest in the silt and black mud for almost 200 years. Read more about sunken leather


Company TripleSkin has successfully recreated yufte with its ancient glory. Following the old formulas and using only natural components (lime, willow bark, rye paste, seal fat, birch tar etc) the skins of calves are handcrafted into that mysterious material.